Golf Club fittings

dialed in performace ...

A club fitting can take your clubs (and game) to the next level.  Using Doppler Radar based golf ball launch monitor equipment we can evaluate your swing characteristics and then match them against objectives you have for game improvement.

Scope of a Fitting  Session:

The information can tell us if your current set is matched to you or if you might benefit from alterations such as lie angle changes, lengthening/shortening, grip size change, shaft flex change.

What's not part of the session

You won't be swinging dozens of shafts/club heads, we focus on what your current clubs and swing are doing.

If you're searching for a new set of clubs we'll suggest a specification for head type and shafts plus grips. 

Under no circumstances (unlike most fitting sessions) will we push you to expensive heads or shafts.  In fact we'll provide a list within your swing parameters and let you decide what you want to do (no selling).  Armed with the information you are free to shop where ever you like and with the swing information you can seek out a coach knowing you can provide factual info about your current swing.

Shaft Swing Consistancy

Shaft & Head Recommendations

Swing Capture

Shaft Load/Acceleration Profiling

Shot Dispersion & Gapping

The above two images reflect a) a shaft loading for a player with a slower swing speed who loads the shaft just before impact and b) shot dispersions as a result of the shaft showing a tendency to pull shots.

As a result it was recommended that the player look at a stiffer shaft that would keep the shaft loading more uniformly helping to promote the club head being more closed thus helping to straighten or draw the ball direction back towards the middle target line.

In the images below we observed a classic over the top swing with the golfer coming outside in and then adding an open face ... yup.... slice.  A correction in swing plane plus grip and a stiffer shaft help turn the swing into a baby fade.

To help with distance a lower lofted club head with higher kick point shaft was suggested so that the launch angle decreased below 15 degress.

Club Face Position at Impact

Dynamic Loft, AOA & Launch Angle

Club Face Position at Impact

Dynamic Club Lie & Ball Launch

Ball & Club Metrics We Can Measure

All session information will be reviewed and summerized into a report sent to you.


Driver / Fairway Wood / Hybrid / Single Irons - $80 (30-45 minutes)

6 Irons - $150 (45-75 minutes)

Set (Up to 13 clubs ) - $395 (75-105 minutes)

Please note that all sessions are rebated by 50% if you have more than $600 recommended work/alterations/purchases.