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May-15th to June 15th is my annual Anniversary Golf Simulator Sale.
All Golf Simulator Packages On Sale!


Most golf club repairs and sevices done within one day if you book an appointment,
Express service available at an extra charge.

Popular Service Prices

Grip Install - With Grip purchase: $4.00 per club

Grip Install - Customer Provided: $6.00 per club

Grip Install - Customer Provided Putter Grip: $15.00 per club

Save grip / Resize: $15.00 per club

Reshaft Steel - With Shaft Purchase: $20.00 per club

Reshaft Graphite - With Shaft Purchase: $25.00 per club

Reshaft Bore Through: $35.00 per club

Reshaft Bore Through - Customer Provided: $35.00 per club

Reshaft Steel - Customer Provided: $30.00 per club

Reshaft Graphite - Customer Provided: $35.00 per club

Shaft Tip Adapter Shaft Removal: 15.00 per club

Shaft Tip Adapter Shaft Install - With Tip Purchase: $15.00 per club

Shaft Tip Adapter Shaft Install - Customer Supplied: $25.00 per club

Rattle in Head: $30.00 per club

Re-attach Head: $20.00 per club

Drill-Out: $25.00 per club

Lie & Loft Adjustment: $5.00 per club

Lie & Loft Charting: $3.00 per club

Shaft Extension: $15.00 per club

Shorten Club: New Grip Cost + Grip Install

Shorten Club (save grip): $20.00 per club

Swing Weight Adjustment: $15.00 per club plus materials

Frequency Charting Clubs: $5 per club

* Minimum Fee $25.00

Golf Club Regripping

Choose from a variety of in-stock golf grips or custom order to your liking. Turn-around time is typically 1 day or you can request express service at an additional cost.

You can bring your own golf club grips in if you like.

Typical Services:

Standard Golf Club Regripping Fee (8 or more clubs) - $4.00/club plus cost of golf club grip

Bring your own golf club grips - Add $2.00/club as applicable

*Minimum $25 charge per order

Broken Golf Club Repair

This service is for golf clubs with a shaft that has either broken right at the hosel top or somewhere else along the shaft.

Typical Services:

I carry many steel and graphite shafts in order to provide next day service or I can source a particular shaft.

Golf Club Tuning Services

These services are for the serious Golfer who is in a quest to eek out more consistency in his or her game.  I usually recommend these services to be performed when the clubs are being serviced for grips or shaft replacement because in many cases the club should be disassembled.

Typical Services:

*$20 Minimum Appointment Charge

** Advanced players use FLO to add a certain characteristic to their swing / ball flight as the resistance point of the shaft can be rotated to favour or counter a hook, fade or slice as desired.

My Custom Made Clubs include many of these services and really add to the value of the clubs.

Golf Club Fittings

Consider having a club fitting?

Static & Dynamic Fitting

So what should you expect?  The session will be a combination of static/physical measurements I'll make coupled with time on a golf launch monitor to record your ball striking metrics and ball path.  This information plus your personal goals shared will result in recommendations for alterations (if required), to things like:

- Club length

- Grip type/size

- Iron lie angles

- Shaft flex and/or type recommendations

- Adjustable driver / fairway wood / hybrid face angle and loft adjustment

What the session is not?

We will not be testing interchangeable shafts or heads.  (some clubs may be available to test and if they fit your profile - great). We will address needs based on how you perform during the session.  As an example any shaft recommendations will be made based on a combination of your ball flight, trajectory and personal improvement wishes you indicated.  Depending on the result, one or several shafts would be recommended.

Through experience I have found that if the fitting is for irons, the best way to proceed is to purchase one iron shaft for a 6 iron, bring it in and have it fitted to your club head, then have you try it before proceeding to a full set (unless of course you are confident in the choice).

More Info Here

You can book a Fitting Appointment 

I will contact you to arrange a date and time when this questionnaire come back to me. 


Custom Made Golf Clubs

Consider having a set of clubs custom built for you.  I take the time to consider the following important factors when building clubs just for you:

Standard Features:

*Advanced Extra Features Available:

a) FLO Adjustment to swing characteristics

b) Frequency matching to copy "Sweet Club"

c) Loft / Lie adjustment


Braydon Smythe...
"Recently purchased a Skytrak system from Leo and am very pleased with it. Pricing was reasonable, installation went well, the enclosure and screen are great. Everything is as was specified to me. Nice to deal with someone local instead of sourcing all over the internet. It was a one stop shop and enjoy."o

Carmen Zambri...
"Leo was great to deal with, his commitment to delivering and fulfilling his obligation to install was superb. Most of all, his honesty throughout the process was a delight to work with.  Will definitely use Leo again in the future with a potential upgrade from the optishot2 I purchased."

Jessi Zippilli...
" had an amazing experience with Leo. His knowledge and suggestions towards the fitting and gripping of my clubs was a huge help. I’d recommend him to anyone trying to improve their game. His turn around time was actually better than what he promised. 10/10 for me. Fast, efficient, and reliable. I wouldn’t waste your money or time at golf town."

Tony Spagnoli...
" Leo is great to work with. His attention to detail and turnover time(usually 1/2 days) is amazing. Compared to 1 week at other golf shops. His prices are even better. I'd recommend Leo to do any golf club related job. Tony"

Jason Kovacs...
" Leo was meticulous with his work. Very reasonable prices and quick turn around times. Communication was continuous throughout the entire process. Leo is very personable and friendly. Would highly recommend! Will be a return customer. Don't waste your time with Golf Towns inflated prices and poor turn around times. Thanks Leo!"