Iconic Components

Alpha Silver Diamond

431 Stainless Steel, 3-PW, RH Only

K-Tour Plus

431 Stainless Steel, 3-PW, RH Only

FEATURED components

Acer XV Pro/Blade

The Acer XV Pro features the same cutting-edge design as the standard XV iron, but with a more compact design and reduced offset favored by better players. The XV Pro model also has a slightly narrower sole and thinner topline. RH Only 4-PW,GW, SW

Acer SR1

The Acer SR1 is our latest generation of game improvement irons to push the envelope on distance, accuracy, and all-around performance. Accelerate ball speed, launch, and distance with the ultra-thin face, which improves weight distribution to push the center of gravity low and rearward complementing the modern-day lofts. SR1 is aimed to fit the broadest range of golfers with ample offset where it is needed most. Coupled with the deep cavity design, this helps the player square up the face at impact assisting the player to hit straighter and more solid shots and to instill confidence in their long, mid, and short-iron game. RH & LH 4-PW, SW, GW (RH)

Maltby TS2

The Maltby TS-2 forged irons were designed to enhance playability and distance, characteristics typically not found in a true forged iron design. Utilizing the most advanced 5 step forging process available, the ST-2 irons feature a hollow 3 piece construction consisting of a thin, 2mm 1025C forged face and 1025C body with an internal tungsten weight positioned low and towards the toe for precise center of gravity locations throughout the set. The #4 iron thru #9 also feature an internal cavity behind the whole club face that is filled with dense polymer to enhance feel and boost the deflection of the thin carbon steel face at impact.

Acer XV

431 Stainless Steel, The standard XV is designed to fit the broadest range of golfers and instill confidence into their game. Features ample offset to help the player square up the face at impact and the enhanced heel-toe weighting enables players to hit both straighter and more solid shots.RH & LH 4-PW, SW GW (RH).

Dynacraft Prophet CB

The Dynacraft Prophet CB iron is all about enhancing distance and performance featuring Flexface; a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to its maximum limit. RH Only 3-PW, GW, SW

Maltby STi2

The STi2 irons fall into the Super Game Improvement Design category and provide enhanced playability for a wide range of golfers. STi2 irons offer a pleasing and confidence building mid-sized profile featuring an undercut cavity to produce a low (.729") and deep center of gravity location for optimal distance and control. A four way radius sole design allows for great turf interaction in any type of course condition.

Maltby KE4 Irons

Ultra Game Improvement, cavity back designs with category leading MPF Playability making the irons one of the most forgiving iron designs ever.

Extremely low center of gravity produces solid shots for a variety of swing types, especially those players with a sweeping type swing.

Aluminum and polymer 3 dimensional cavity medallions provide shock dampening at impact for an incredible feel, even on off center hits.

some models with 1 or 2 - 4 gram weights installed

Alpha XV irons

The deep cavity back of the Alpha XV irons gives you confidence at impact. We've designed the heads to employ the optimal COG height - exactly 1/2 of the diameter of the golf ball. This means you'll feel the full transfer of power through your swing. And you're more likely to hit it at the sweet spot for higher speed and more distance.

ibella Obsession

The iBella Obsession irons are a contemporary design that emanates beauty to its beholder. The slim topline and narrow sole appear to be pure at address, but the hidden design elements throughout the airy cavity produce all the game-improvement features of a much wider soled and bulkier looking woman’s iron.Available in 5-PW, AW, SW.  RH only.