Custom Golf Clubs

Most importantly, please know that custom fitting does not have to mean costly

I can comfortably custom fit many players with a quality 8 piece set of irons and hybrids for close to $750.00.   You may not have the name brand heads but the tech and materials are similar with the added advantage of custom fitting the shafts to use the same or better shafts often found in OEM clubs. More product information and technology information can be found in the faq section.

Consider having a set of clubs custom built for you.  I take the time to correlate  important parameters and characteristics when building clubs just for you.  I use a Flightscope Doppler radar based launch monitor to measure over 14 of  your swing characteristics, then add static measurements and sizing.

Standard Full Fitting Session Features:


I measure your swing with a 5/6/7 iron, wedge and your driver. Over 24 swing parameters are measured and they yield a fantastic visual and numerical charting of what is happening within your personal swing.

Video capture of swing

Your height / Stance and wrist to ground measurements are considered for club length check.

A dynamic strike lie board or photometric camera is used to asses the ground contact point of irons

Your grip is observed and measured for your clubs

Age & the near future goals are assessed (We talk about what you want in the future from your clubs)

Swing weight check

This service is available starting at $25/club and is partially reimbursed into the cost of a complete club build or rebuild.

Custom Club Building Services Available:

a) Shaft Spine Alignment to give the same feel with every club

b) Shaft "FLO" Adjustment to align shafts to meet your swing characteristics

c) Frequency matching to copy "Sweet Club" and sort shafts for best club use

d) Shaft gap trimming to find the right flex instead of staying in a Senior, Regular, Stiff or Extra Stiff lane.

e) Loft / Lie adjustment

Sample Image of Ball / Club Data and Swing Capture


Not the least expensive components but equal or better quality at prices less than the big name brands!



Acer SR1 - Low Spin

Acer SR1 - (RH/LH)

Acer XDS (RH/LH)

Acer XV (RH/LH)

Acer SR1 Fairway (RH/LH)

Acer XDS Fairway (RH/LH)

Acer XV (RH/LH)

Acer XDS Hybrid Series

Acer SR! Hybrids (RH/LH)

Acer XV Hybrids (RH/LH)

Acer XDS Hybrid Iron Series

Dynacraft Muscle Back

Acer SR1 (RH/LH)

Acer XV (RH/LH)

Acer VX Pro 

Acer XV Tour Blade

Bionic 504 Putter (RH/LH)

Bionic 901 Putter

Professional Open Wedges (RH/LH)